PRI's The World

PRI's The World

Social Media Producer

PRI's The World is a weekday global news radio show covering important topics happening across the globe. While working in The World's newsroom, I curated their daily social media channels, found new ways to engage with their audience, and explored new initiatives, like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, to share their content.

  Host Marco Werman speaks with a school teacher at a rally in Tehran. (Credit:  Mahya Rastegar)

Host Marco Werman speaks with a school teacher at a rally in Tehran. (Credit: Mahya Rastegar)

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MASterpiece pbs

Masterpiece PBS

Social Media strategist

From Sherlock to Downton Abbey and Poldark, Masterpiece is one of the most popular drama series in TV history, producing the best in classic adaptations, mysteries filled with eclectic characters, and provocative contemporary works. I worked closely with Masterpiece on their social media strategy, best practices, and helped find the best reporting procedures for their team to use to showcase the important metrics collected on digital and social media platforms around each show title.

 One of Masterpiece's most popular titles, presented in partnership with the BBC, is Sherlock.

One of Masterpiece's most popular titles, presented in partnership with the BBC, is Sherlock.



Point Taken

Social Media Producer/Journalist

Point Taken, a new late night debate show from PBS, is designed to be part TV show and part social conversation. My role heavily influences the editorial content on the show by connecting our social media audience to the conversation happening on the broadcast. Each week we announce a new topic that Americans are already talking about (gender rights, college tuition costs, transparent salaries, etc.) and I find where the conversation is happening on social. After engaging with the experts on this week's topic, I create a social program of sorts, which includes everything from Facebook Live to Twitter Chats to social polling. 

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Presidio Trust 

digital marketing specialist

I spent two years as the Presidio Trust's go-to person for everything digital. From managing upwards of 7 social media accounts, creating and updating 6 different websites, building/curating/sending weekly newsletters to photographing events around the park, I did it all. I helped create a digital package approach to a variety of initiatives the Presidio Trust spearheaded, including the Presidio Officers' Club, New Presidio Parklands Project, and Presidio Institute

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Freelance Work 

Freelance writing + Web development

My freelance writing has been featured in several different publications including the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, SFbay.ca, Jenesequa Magazine, Christian Examiner, and the San Diego Reader.  

I have also created Wordpress sites for various local artisan businesses. I offer my clients full packages including a customized design, assistance with creating content, photography, and tutorials on how best to use their website. 

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